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The best time to reach a consumer is when he’s idle!

And transit advertising offers the advertiser this unique opportunity. That too, for a long exposure time and a targeted
audience. Everyone uses different modes of transport to reach the destination and hence can be reached by using
transit advertising.

MMTS is a rail-based mass transit system that provides an efficient, safe and quality traveling option to the commutors of
Twin cities. It has literally redefined the way people commute and has become a symbol of Hyderbad's Progress.

Metro advertising provides advertisers with extended exposure time, allowing them an opportunity to present detailed
marketing information in a world class set up that makes the ad look even better.

USP's: The modern age Transit format provides broad coverage and notable reach while giving the benefit of Advertising
to a larger audience with lower cost per thousand. It also generates repeated exposure.

Products: Listed below are the various locations available for advertising at the MMTS
  • TV Publicity at Malakpet Railway Station
  • Pillar Kiosks and Hoardings at Sanath Nagar Station
Gogineni Advertisings
TV Publicity at Malakpet Railway Station
TV Publicity at MMTS Railway Stations - Pillar Kiosks at Sanath Nagar Railway Station - Billboards at Sanath Nagar Railway Station - Pillar Kiosks at Kurnool RailWay Station